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Download About it? Torres (2016) 720p WEBRip Subtitle Indonesia

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Download About it? Torres (2016) 720p WEBRip Subtitle Indonesia

About it? Torres / Dating Fernando Torres / World Soccer Torres / Yue ma? Tuoleisi / Yuē ma? Tuōléisī / 约么?托雷斯
Source: 约么?托雷斯
Info: https://movie.douban.com/subject/26820592/
Release Date: July 2, 2016 (China)
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Stars: Chen Ye, Lin Jialing, Fernando Torres
Quality: WEBRip
Encoder: ravenspider-imm
Synopsis: “About it? Torres’ tells the story of Toto hot sexy female fans have been forced blind mother, but she always wanted to find a boyfriend like Torres same story. After a series of wonderful dear, Toto find a person to travel to Madrid Torres, suffered a reverse after various ridiculous, Toto finally saw Torres …… Yen value, funny, mysterious! Torres comes idol superstar aura and sensuality she took care of the household played out a red net property, combined with the photo shoot, with the star dating, Sex Comedy, etc. into the Kichiku style of humor to make the story plot is full of lovable elements of earth gas. Trailer Virgin master back to reality in love with her boyfriend, he was actually discovered by accident during the Guards reverse Sicong, is the “about it? Torres’ story of magic interpretation to the extreme, both young self-entertainment spirit of the times, more humorous star’s real attitude to life under the lens. After losing the European Cup and Champions League missed, for the memory of a generation invincible golden boy, the hearts of fans in addition to feeling regret and concern more blessings. With “about it? Torres “crew went to Madrid Torres invited for field shooting, Torres mysterious plan has surfaced. During the year, the European Cup holder for attention girl becomes another way: watching movies! As the first starring active players Network Movie, “about it? Torres’ team has a crack shot and luxurious cast. “The world football” host, the new director Wang Tao whole surgeon, the blood Football elements fanatical fans Starchaser story combine to control the depth of the story and, at the same time full of contrasts football star Torres Meng character appeared, and sexy female fans of match play but also tempt the audience appetite! Small meat Chen Ye Cong played and popularity die Lin Jialing station played Toto tension-filled performances, and Eslite CEO vintage, senior media people DONG, singer headlined the famous host Yang Xiao Meng, specializing in the northern hemisphere football beautiful anchor Du tetrahedrite tetrahedrite and Laura appeared mysterious characters become highlights of the film.



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